The PM has announced further restrictions effective on Thursday

These include table service only, masks for staff and customers unless seated, along with a 10 pm curfew (closure not last orders) for pubs and restaurants. There will be fines for customers, staff and businesses for non-compliance. Wales, Scotland and NI are expected to follow suit shortly.
Details in this link.

Earlier adverse reaction from the trade can be seen in these links, with the general feeling that hospitality is NOT responsible for the transmission spike.

Boris Johnson will also address the nation in a live broadcast at 8:00 tonight.
Doubtless more information will emerge from the Government website and I will pass it on, along with confirmation of the position in Wales.

Hopeful news on Covid-19 business interruption claims following High Court Ruling.

More local lockdown areas in Wales -Affected areas are attached and there are details in this link –

Payment for self-isolation – details in these links and in the extract from Matt Hancock’s speech made yesterday (more below)

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the number of new cases in Europe is now higher than during the peak in March.

Here, the latest ONS figures indicate 6,000 new infections a day, almost double the previous week.

As the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Adviser said earlier today, we are seeing a rise in cases across all age groups. This pattern is emerging across the entirety of our United Kingdom.

And earlier this afternoon the Prime Minister held discussions with the First Ministers of the devolved administrations and the Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland to make sure that wherever possible we are united in our efforts to drive this virus down.

We know that the epidemic is currently doubling around every 7 days and that if we continue on this trajectory, we could see 50,000 cases a day by mid-October.

Self-isolation package

A crucial part of this is people self-isolating if they are at risk of passing on the virus. People who have tested positive, and their close contacts, must self-isolate. This is the primary way that we, together, break the chains of transmission.

So we will introduce a new £500 Isolation Support Payment for people on low incomes who can’t work because they’ve tested positive or are asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace. It will start next Monday. It will apply directly in England. And the UK government will be providing funding through the Barnett formula to the devolved administrations so that similar support can be given in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mr Speaker, just as we are strengthening our support for those who self isolate, we propose to strengthen the sanctions for those who do not.

The vast majority of people who are asked to self-isolate do. But these rules are so important that we must ensure that nobody breaks them.

We are therefore proposing a new legal duty to self isolate – again for people who test positive or who are asked to do so by NHS Test and Trace. This is backed by fines of up to £10,000, for repeat offences and serious breaches. We will step up enforcement too.

NHS Test and Trace will make regular checks on those who are self-isolating.

And we will crack down on employers who try to prevent staff from following the rules.

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