Melrose provides experienced stocktakers who remain with you as you grow and help you understand and develop your business. We pride ourselves on showing you in-depth reporting and support whether you are a small owner-operated business or a multi-site operator.

Our goal is to:

  • Reduce losses and boost gross profit
  • Help you keep pace with retail increases
  • Spot supplier cost increases and advise on alternative supply
  • Discuss retail trends and what would work for you
  • Establish reasons for losses (wastage, poor rotation, stock losses and theft)
  • Track your performance with like-for-like sales stock value and competitor analysis
  • Showing that promotions and discounts are working and not harming your business

Want to see what we could do for you?

One of our stocktakers will visit your site to complete the stock count and collect all the information on your deliveries and sales for the period.

They’ll then take this information away to compare and analyse.

You’ll then receive a detailed stock report that provides both a clear overview as well as drilling down to the heart of any issues, complete with advice tailored to your situation.

Do you think that our stocktaking services could help you?