Some sad news to announce that our dear friend and old colleague Scotty has passed away over the weekend.

Scotty was a stock taker with Melrose from 2003 to 2012, after being a popular pub manager around Bristol. Before that Scotty was a successful hairdresser.

Those of you that knew him will remember the very thorough stock taker that he was, always joking with a twinkle in his eye but a typical Scotsman – so much so that he sent all staff at Melrose one Christmas card between all of us, which was recycled every year!

Scotty was a real techno-phobe and tested the patience of many of us when we tried to teach him how to use excel spreadsheets!
However, he managed to grasp Facebook and had kept in touch with us after he gradually moved to Thailand for his retirement.

Some pictures from a Melrose Christmas party – we couldn’t share all of them as typical Scotty was making rude gestures, another thing we’ll remember him for!

We will all miss you Scotty.