It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, maybe – opinions are divided, but we can all agree it’s a good excuse to have a little fun!

Our Christmas party was held at the fantastic Grange Hotel, and I think we stepped up to the Gatsby theme quite admirably!

Mikey G is less than impressed with his new arm-candy! (can you guess which one is yours truly?)

Jeff started a trend with his dodgy ‘stache…

… but Chris wore it best!


Never trust Mikey G with a Tommy Gun, fake or not, as Sarah found out!


Marcus doing his best Gangster impression.


Jeff’s dodgy ‘stache was truly the mascot of the night!


Amy is ready to party harder than any of you.


And of course, a few cheesy selfies!

Today is the last day the office is open before Christmas, and you bet we’re squirreling away here the same as ever! Please note that we will not be open again until the 27th of December.

Amy is STILL partying harder than any of you.


Cheeky little star above Tasi and Michelle, because they’re our stars!

Secret Santa tree ready and waiting – expecting lots of rude coffee mugs!


Payroll are the party side to Marcus and Esther’s professional side!

But don’t worry, we are still hard at work today!