Re-opening progress

A real mixed bag and everyone is doing whatever possible to make as much of a success of the current opening opportunities as possible.

For those pubs able to open inside, takings generally appear to be around 60/70% of pre-lockdown levels – obviously opportunities are much more limited for those pubs able to open outside areas only, with many choosing to wait until 3rd August.

Customer confidence seems high as far as making a safe return to the pub is concerned (survey below). It remains very important to concentrate fully on keeping customers and staff both actually safe and feeling safe.

Social distancing, risk assessments, signage, cleaning schedules, hand sanitiser, customer numbers and monitoring seem to be high on the priority lists for police and licensing visits.

Customer Survey

Eat Out to Help Out

(more info here)

Evidence to back up claims seems a little woolly – result of a chat session on below

At the moment we are advising that for each day you’re using the scheme, you must keep records of the:

    •total number of people who have used the scheme in your establishment

    •total value of transactions under the scheme

    •total amount of discounts you’ve given

You’ll have to keep separate records for each establishment you claim for.

This is all the guidance we have so far but nearer the 3rd August there should be some more detailed information posted on around how to claim and what will be required.

Reminder – it is vitally important that your till system and sales records are changed for the selective VAT rate reductions.

Sales figures reported to HMRC (and therefore to Melrose) MUST be split into Alcoholic drinks / Non Alcoholic Drinks / Food / Accommodation.

TILL CHANGES – Soft drinks (and snacks) will need to be allocated to a separate group from alcoholic drinks. If you are unable to make the changes in-house then please arrange an appointment with your till company to make the changes for you.

SALES SHEETS – these will need to show separate lines as necessary for:

Alcoholic Drinks

Soft drinks/snacks



Please bear in mind that you may well end up paying more VAT than you should if the changes are not made. Client managers are now available to advise as necessary if there are any issues with making the changes.

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