Do you find you are struggling to keep track of your business income and outgoings? Do you need more focus on your costs and how to plan for your company’s future growth? Our bookkeeping and accounting services can help you effectively monitor your finances and maximise your profits. We cater for all your accounting needs from routine bookkeeping to the completion of year end accounts and tax returns.
Our accounting services include:

  • Business start-up – If you are starting a small business we can offer a wealth of advice. We will ensure you have completed all the relevant paperwork for HMRC so you are starting your business on the right track.
  • Business planning – Effective planning is always key to success. We can work with you to create a robust business plan, to guide you towards building a productive business.
  • Bookkeeping –Our monthly/quarterly bookkeeping service provides an accurate and complete record of your financial transactions, which can then be used by our accountants to provide a full financial analysis. Our in-house accountants can produce monthly or quarterly profit and loss reports as well as year-end statutory accounts.
  • Financial analysis – Our accountants will analyse the profit and loss information to advise you on increasing gross profit and reducing costs. Our in depth knowledge of the accounting and operating environment of the hospitality sector, means we can interpret your figures and provide a meaningful action plan to improve your business’s performance. This could be giving you advice on managing supplier costs or rethinking your staffing expenditure, for example.
  • Tax advice and planning– Our tax accountants can provide personal and company tax advice, determining the most tax efficient way to pay yourself from your business. We can prepare tax and VAT returns and all other relevant tax submissions for HMRC.

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As a small business do you struggle to run an efficient payroll for your employees? Are you overwhelmed by all the different regulations you need to abide by? If so then why not use our payroll management services? Our payroll department can complete the whole process for you, from calculating payroll costs to ensuring that you always meet HMRC requirements. Our payroll service includes registering your PAYE scheme, producing your payslips and keeping you compliant with all regulations. Whatever your payroll frequency we can accommodate you.

We provide extensive payroll support, from advice on maternity and paternity leave, to calculating deductions for student loans and statutory sick pay.

If you need help implementing Auto Enrolment pensions, we can set up your chosen pension scheme, covering all admin requirements and run the pension deductions through your payroll.


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Are you setting up a new bar, café, hotel or restaurant and feel overwhelmed by the regulation and licensing requirements? Do you need help organising the right alcohol licence? Are you moving your business and need the right premises licence in place? Are you looking for a certified training course so you can hold a personal licence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we are here to help.

  • Licensing – Melrose Group has a vast amount of experience helping the licensed trade, with a highly regarded reputation within the hospitality industry. If you require a licence to sell alcohol, we can advise you on the application. We can manage the whole process, from ensuring all the statutory aspects are completed correctly to attending any hearings that are required in support of your application. We use a fully computerised licensing service which means we can keep our costs competitive and offer you a fixed price. After a licence has been obtained you are able to access our helpline if you have any problems.
  • Personal Licence training – Melrose Group is a well-established training provider, fully accredited by the BIIAB. We are rated as grade 1 outstanding trainers and we are the longest standing trainer in the Bristol area.  If you require a personal licence to sell alcohol you must hold an approved licensing qualification. Our personal licence course leads to the award of the BIIAB Personal Licence Holders Qualification (APLH). The course covers a range of licensing law information to ensure you know all your legal obligations as a licensee. Our first-time pass rate is over 97%. The cost of the course includes all training materials, refreshments, course workbook, exam fee and assistance in the candidate’s local authority applications.

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