We’re excited to have a date to look forwards to for our Welsh clients to reopen – and it’s not far away at all!

On Monday 26th April Welsh pubs can start serving in their outdoor spaces as long as the strict rules are kept in place. The rules for meeting indoors remain unchanged.

In regards to meeting up with people, the current rules allow for up to six people from a maximum of two households to meet outdoors however from Saturday 24th April up to 6 people from any number of households will be allowed to meet outside. These numbers do not include children under 11 years of age or carers. However the government reminds those meeting up to go for a walk or sit in the park that people should observe social distancing from people outside of their household or support bubble.

Just as a reminder here’s a few rules to remind yourselves and your staff when it comes to reopening:

    When it comes to welcoming members of public into your bars and restaurants it is mandatory to collect contact information for all staff and adults aged 18 and over. This information must include their name, telephone number, date of visit and arrival and departure time which the venue must keep for 21 days and can be done on paper or electronically.
    You must also wear face masks when inside and if payment cannot be taken outside a customer may pay inside at the counter.

    It is advised not to knowingly take bookings which exceed the rule of six by separating the party on to different tables and if there is a concern that the rule of 6 is being breached you are to check documentation for addresses.

    In regards to gazebos and awnings, any use of coverings has to meet public health rules. These state that if they are closed on all sides and have a roof or ceiling they are counted as an indoor premises and not allowed to open. However if they are open sided, meaning at least three sides and 51% open, they are classed as being an external environments and therefore ok to use.

    In terms of sport or music anything that would mean people raise their voices should be avoided. So sport can be shown, or music played but only at a background level however dancing, singing or live performances are not allowed.

    Also darts, skittles, pool or pub games are not permitted as they’re classed as a hygiene risk.

    Indoor toilets will be open to customers only subject to venues meeting cleaning rules.

    Please Stay Safe