Reports recently that 50 million doses of vaccine have now been administered.
Restrictions are slowly relaxing with trials of hospitality events involving negative tests for entry giving access to pre-covid rules – no masks or social distancing.
We are on track for hospitality to be open indoors from the 17th, with some critics questioning the need to wait at all.

Here is the latest update including:
  • Price Increase Advice
  • Changes in Wales from 3rd May
With further reading for:
  • Outdoor Trading
  • Live Music
  • HMRC Support Videos
  • Vaccine Passports
  • NHS App
  • Pub Tech Trends
  • Pubco Activity
Price increases
A number of Pubcos, Brewers and other suppliers have announced the almost inevitable annual price increases – best advice, particularly before reopening indoors is to examine all your selling prices and gross profit percentages. Take advice from your stock taker and client manager, as gross profit changes will obviously have a major effect on your potential net profit and your cashflow forecast.

Recent changes in Wales
Here’s a list of things you can do now that the level four restrictions have now been lifted:

Visit the gym or leisure centre
A great opportunity to get more active as indoor services resume for individual and one-on-one training, and group classes up to 15!

Visit another household indoors
Two households are now able to meet indoors (plus a single person support bubble), although your household can only meet that one additional household at this time.

Visit your local community centre
Not just exercise classes, you can also participate in group classes of up to 15 at your local community centre.

Don’t forget that restrictions have previously been lifted regarding pubs opening outdoors, non-essential shops and social distanced gathering of up to 6 outdoors (among others!)

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